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iSunClub is a Customer Loyalty Program managed by iSunTV. Our vision is to establish a worldwide network connecting individuals from all over the world who are with independent mindsets, critical thinking ability and universal values aspiring to seek the truth, tell the truth and speak the truth. 


Whether you are currently an iSunTV audience or not, we welcome you to join us!


iSunClub will source different types of work, life, entertainment, leisure, financial management and other high-quality services and products for all the members. Gatherings and face to face networking events, symposiums, seminars  will be organised designed and organized from time to time to bring the members together more closely. 

Registered and Download the iSunOne Universal Digital Wallet App! You will receive Gold Coins which can easily be exchanged for Bitcoin. 


Member Benefits

iSunClub will collect different types of work, life, entertainment, leisure, financial management and other high-quality projects in the city for members. At the same time, it will also develop and organize various special events for global elites. We are actively seeking members to join the platform, to ensure relevant content and support in key areas.

We look forward to helping you directly establish contact with many high-quality companies on our platform and seize more opportunities to cooperate with other leading companies around the world.


Join us and enjoy the following benefits of iSunClub members :


1. Establish connections with iSunClub and leading organizations around the world:

We are proud to know each of our members personally because we believe this is the source of true contact. By understanding our members and understanding their true purpose of joining the iSunClub, we can broaden the social network for elites who become iSunClub members, such as business opportunities.


2. Get discounts on many activities of iSunClub:

We provide a year-round plan for content-driven activities, from large banquets, keynote speeches, to round table discussions, business gatherings, short-term boutique courses, and more.


3. Earn points/cash back through our partner merchants:

No need to compare, iSunClub will provide you with the best and diversified product and service offers. As a member of iSunClub, you can go to any of the cooperative merchants under iSunTV to spend, and the member can get corresponding points and cash rewards.


4. Exclusive activities for exclusive members:

iSunClub is usually able to organize exclusive exclusive events, including iSunClub receptions and iSunClub dinners. This will give you the opportunity to meet with elite groups such as outstanding financial figures, political figures, and diplomatic figures from around the world, to expand your contacts and explore business opportunities, and to be invited to participate in the recording of the iSunTV program, allowing you to visit the program site and have a conversation Elite figures.


5. 1 to 1 award

A dedicated person will answer all discount plans and usage details for you.


6. Security

Cooperative merchants have all been certified, guaranteeing to be the world's first-class product and service provider. We promise to keep all member information strictly confidential.

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